Friday, 30 December 2011

fairytale .

lets talk about someone. a guy <3 true guy yeah.
frankly speaking,he is such a sweet guy. he called me labi-labi . and yeah,he is the only one who gave me that kind of nickname. special :)
He always tried to satisfy me,fullfill my need,comfort me every single seconds.He always be myside when im crying to wipe my tears.
He said that im his Juliet and he really made me feel like im a princess and he was my prince charming long time ago.

My bad. i dunt noe how to appreciate him. i asked him for many silly things. i shud understand him as a student which he is such a busy student . because he is in architecture line . but yeas,i followed my childish shitty attitude till one day,he surrendered to take care of me. on our anniversary nyte. how sad .
Now,i realize that im idiot . i lost the person who cared about me , sweet .. romantics and almost perfect. there is nothing left except the memories.

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