Friday, 30 December 2011

ikeano di kuala pilah . kau hade ?


hey my lady bugs . ni how ma ? wo hen how :")
as i promised last nyte,i want to show u some pictures of my new born college,from the outside to the inside. deeply love this college :) that is just because its look like uitm shah alam.i woke up this morning with a big smile when i saw around my kaki lima , along the way from my room to the toilet just like kolej mawar.i miss this situation damn much . can u feel it ?
 take a look !
 this is only our hostel.the other buildings doesnt fit with camera phone :) how big !
8th floors . the best thing is i can use lift to go down and go up. but still tired when i walk around my college.thanks government because giving us such a nice building eventho i have to accept that this place is far away from town.learning to accept. study hard without intertaiment :)
 banglo pengarah college. she lives alone. why not she asks me to accompany her ? im so worry about her to stay alone in this big banglo. :( hehe
 lecturers and clerk's quaters. how lucky they are ? quite a big apartment also. i think,its more than enough.we are a small family only :0 we have 200++ students and i think  less that 50 staff .
 see ? what do you see ? our gimnasium is quite big.attach to our hostel at the first floor. it is just like akademi fantasia studio.auuuuu . exited :)
 dewan nightingle. the only dewan we have ryte now. but im satisfied :)
 empty room . this is first floor which is used orange furnitures. comeyl kan ?
 toilet. macam uitm shah alam . damn miss !
 see ? hows cute there are kan ? i got green colour. 2doors.can bring more stuff later :)
 this is my gerobok. see ? i feel very happy that i can susun my stuff by classify them into their group :)
 my bed. lovely bed for sure. ignore my busyukmasham at the top of my pillows.hijau kuning is the theme of my room. haha. kedah. eh kidding.,

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