Friday, 30 December 2011

if u ask my heart.

what else to say ? im currently at my new born college which is in kuala i am..going to get my diploma fer 2years and room is very cute,i got large sweet green locker and a single bed for laying mum bought new cadar fer me. sweet yellow. hee. no picture uploded :) sorry .maybe next time.

since the first day i was here,im really need somebody to hear me,to give full attention to me . to ask me either im fine or not . but the one who i hope the most do not come to me. how sad am i ?
i wanna cry along the day without anyone noticed me.but yeas i cant .i cant do it. in front of people,i have to be a strong girl. girl which is never crying because of man. am i ?

guy,do u noe that im hurt enuff ? i dunt want u to stay with me along the day. u have ur own life and u can do whutever u want to do. but the only thing i need is the only question 'are you oke there sayang?' is this very hard to ask ? do u have a heavy fingers till u feel hard to send me meseg.dear guy, sometyme i can still consider about u,that u wont be with me 16hours per day , but i do hope that u feel that u have responsible towards me.towards who u really want last time before you got me. i want u to calm me when im crying. i need ur shoulder to cry on.ur hug is the warmest thing fer me that can comfort me. are these so difficult to understand ?
u promise me everything..u look very perfect men,but now ? im crying alone on my bed.without you.


  1. walaupon ak bkn "the guy" tp ak nak gak tnye. are u okay sayang? klau sedih2 sms je la kte. insyaAllah klau ade kredit kte reply. be strong ok.