Wednesday, 28 December 2011

quick update :)


quick update may be :)

i got a call from him around 1 o'clock. he asked me what im doing on that tyme and i just said i just lepaking at my room. he told me he is in seremban and im not thinking of going out with him today because i have no more shirt alredy,all have been packing and put all the stuff at another i told him that i have no more shirt but he asked me to find a way and he gave me only 15minutes to siap. OMG. at last,i tot of one shirt . my orange shirt as usual. with my peeling's face,met my hubby..oh bad,i felt so bad. but i just ignore my feeling. if i too cared about it,i miss the chance to meet him before i move !

so i decided to go karo-k as i have been sangap karo-k ryte now. lame sangat tak melalak . we chose 2hours package. nahhhh ! dia balik terus tak de suara. rase berat hati nak balik ostel. around 4pm,dia antar aku balik.ouch.dats too early but we have no option.he had works to settle down.
Got somthing happened on that karo-k room,that is.................... he received a meseg fromm bla bla bla. i dunt noe. i sempat jeling and i saw 'eyra(bukan name sebenar) baru bangun tido' . aku buat2 cool.he noticed my face dah masam but i just act like im fine enuff. yeas. im fine man ! i still can laugh together like always . nothing changed.

and.....Tadi,aku bagitau my closed friends and they said that im strong to make our relationship last forever.and since they said like that,im wondering the reason why i really love this guy eventho sumtyme he is  always hurt me. and for many time i ask myself,the answer is still the same.. it is because its love. love.blind . aite ?

he is a typical man,not an extraordinary man.
dia jugak lelaki yang berjalan tempang.
tangan kanannye bengkok berisikan dua besi sebagai menguat ,
dan mempunyai wayar utk berfungsi.
like i told u,when we talk about love,it is blind darlings :)

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