Monday, 26 December 2011

current mood.

Dont ask me why i put a dot at the last sentence of my title. its because i dunt feel to talk to anybody.yes currently at my hostel. still in seremban.but the thing is the moving tyme to new building is just 3days left.i feel like i just want to sleep on my bed,laying down till i finish my study as a nursing hard am i to accept this little thing. maybe its seem like a little thing,but who noes..its effect my whole life.Mostly i depend on my beloved families,friends and yes him.but i forgot one thing,i have to depend on myself.wherever i go,whoever am i,whatever happen..the most powerful spirit is only ourselves.can u imagine if i lose those people ? but i dunt feel like i have strong enuff to stand on my feet alone.

just like now,yea.rite now..i just feel like wanna cry. cry on their shoulder but i cant. so where i shud go ? they wont understand me. im here because of them,not me. the true reason of being here is not because of me. but i cant deny something that is ,its a faith.5semesters is not a short term living. i ll go thru hardness so many tyme.i noe .

before i write this,i got a bf who said and promise me that he will always be my side. he is my spirit. i need him as long as im here . as long as i breathe.unfortunately , love is not always be with us. when its come,u feel high,when it goes,u feel down. can i keep the love along my life ? but how ? 

i always pray to God that he still keep his promises :)

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